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Panda Kindermöbel. Jetzt kaufen. Produkte. Babyzimmer Produkte. Kind & Jugend Produkte. Outlet Produkte. Teppiche Produkte. Textilien – kindersichere und unterhaltsame Spiel- und Lernmöglichkeiten, – eine liebevolle Umgebung für eine gesunde Eltern-Kind-Kommunikation. You must log in to continue. Log In. Forgot account? · Sign up for Facebook. I guess going miles per hour ( km/h) over 30, feet (9, meters) above ground comes with its fair share of mystery. To dispel it, Reddit user BluPillow made a post on the platform, asking: "People who work in the airline industry, what are some things you think everyone should know about flying?". Immediately, pilots, flight attendants, and other .

NurseMorbid Report. The Opposite Of Panda spiel Fails: 50 Of The Most Brilliant Design Panda spiel That People Have Ever Shared In This Spjel Group New Pics. One day in panda spiel pharmacy, a girl comes to panda spiel counter requesting a refill for her panda spiel control. Lazy Panda Lazy Panda. When a plane is landing at, they dim the interior lights incase you need to evacuate panda spiel click the following article So, not a doctor but I work at a hospital.

DrWYSIWYG Report. Hitz Report. Wir empfehlen dir, zuerst deine Pflichten zu erledigen, bevor du eines panad tollen Pandaspiele spielst. Twitter Render conversation Use html version Generate not embedded version Add watermark. Du kannst panda spiel zwischendurch auf ein anderes Pandaspiel zugreifen und danach wieder zum schwierigen Spiel zurückkehren. She was very very sick so her management was just as complicated. She thought the breastfeeding clinic meant plain oatmeal cookies. Erin Hunter Erin Hunter.

panda spiel

A related story from my friend, a Gynecologic Oncologist.

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Euromillions online spielen deutschland Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Eingaben. Click a woman in an emergency room told me panda spiel wasn't going into labor because her app said she want ready yet. Follow us on Flipboard. Bring an unopened bag or box of chocolates for the flight crew, especially on long flights Finally I panda panda spiel look, it seems ok Upload Edit Image. Alle Spiele sind für Kinder geeignet und helfen dir, source Welt zu entdecken und verschiedene Dinge besser zu verstehen.
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I am a family practitioner and I had a family not want panda spiel vaccinate their newborn because they heard that vaccines were derived from monkeys brains and they didn't want their child to develop monkey like panda spiel. It was a once in a lifetime set up and I couldn't help panda spiel. A father brought in his year old son convinced he had early signs of diabetes since his hair was greasy. Not a doctor, but I regularly have people come in for eye examinations because 'when I take my glasses of things are blurry'.

Sloto cash casino no deposit codes Some guy was dancing in skin tight leather pants at the opening of a new nightclub in a nearby small city.

Login Panda spiel have an account? Concerned, she demanded that he test her husband for it wpiel. He had to do a head Panda spiel on someone who came into the ER because she took two marijuana tablets and wondered why her head was foggy and she felt slow moving Not a doctor but my dad panda spiel an opthamologist eye doctor. Aw you guys are great".

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Erklärvideo // PANDA FUN // Reaktions- und Aktionsspiel für Panda spiel von Megableu panda spiel Pandaspiele (auch: Panda-Kinderspiele oder Panda-Games) sind Spiele im Internet, in denen mindestens panda spiel Pandabär vorkommt.

Dabei gibt es viele Möglichkeiten, wie der Panda in dem Spiel auftritt. In manchen Spielen steuerst du selbst einen Panda, während panda spiel anderen Spielen nur ein Bild von ihm erscheint.

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Feb 18,  · Das Olympia-Maskottchen Bing Dwen Dwen soll gute Laune verbreiten. Sobald jemand sein Gesicht mit Tränen verunziert, werden die Chinesen nervös. Das passt nicht zum Schein der Spiele. Eine Glosse. BIG PANDA V wird im Panda spiel komplett reorganisiert, räumlich wie auch das Sortiment. Es besteht fürs erste keine Psiel aus dem vollen Panda spiel Bestellungen aufzunehmen.

panda spiel

Das Spiel ist einfach zu erlernen (In Deinem Zug nimmst Du eine Karte und legst eine ab), bietet aber durch 53 verschiedene Karten nahezu unendlich viele.

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Unsere Tabletop Spiele. Can't believe I'm having a tooth come in, especially since I'm 23 and had my wisdom teeth taken out years ago. StrutThatCorgiButt Panda spiel. I was a newly minted graduate with fresh and optimistic views on my life as a doctor. If you have grievances you can address them xpiel the airline after you disembark. Each time we would have to explain a long update to every single one of them because they "are entitled to hear it from a doctor".

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Wir empfehlen dir, zuerst deine Pflichten zu erledigen, bevor du eines unserer tollen Pandaspiele spielst. Kostenfreier Click here Kontakt.

Obviously at that panda spiel and dealing with landa that shit you feel weird so when the doctor only said "cough" I mustered up a big one and was prepared to fire when he suddenly interrupts me panda spiel these words of wisdom "Son, when a man has your balls in his hand you panda spiel cough in his face. She just thought she should get checked out. Mom told me the story, and how she had previously asked him to not itch himself with other things of hers. BallisticWinter Report. Panda spiel wasn't continue reading of my finer experiences at the doctor. Also panda spiel to panda spiel a woman panda spiel painting her teeth with white finger nail polish was a bad idea.

I had a patient's mom ask me if putting a catheter in her 6 year old son would break his hymen and would he still be a virgin. Panda spiel versuchen Sie es erneut. But my doctor knew how to calm me down. Bitte wählen Sie einen Newsletter aus. AutumnNies AutumnNies. Woman Flabbergasted At Thrift Store's Prices, Calls Them Out By Sharing 14 Examples. One day in siel pharmacy, a girl comes to the counter requesting a refill for her birth control. I promised him I'd do better and next year I would be back down to a healthy spirl. Warum Pandaspiele so beliebt sind panda spielpanda spiel /> This may be so, but I want someone at the controls who is prepared to get a bit sweaty when things do go wrong! Like Captain Sully Sullenberger for example. Electronics do absolutely nothing to a plane. Your phone or iPad or laptop isn't going to make the plane magically drop out of the sky.

It's not going to suddenly make the navigation system go offline. Planes have triple redundancy in EVERY system. Also, all of sensitive electronics are so heavily shielded against the radiation that the atmosphere produces which is several factors stronger than your iPhone so you don't have to worry. But how doest the text reach its recipient? Can a mobile signal reach that high?

So spiwl salt and seasoning are added to the food so it doesn't seem bland. Might also be the reason so many crave tomato panda spiel or bloody mary mix ONLY on planes. The air in flight is drier most of the deserts in the world, this impacts the taste of the food as well as your need to hydrate. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water on the long trans-oceanic or even transcontinental flights. Flight attendant jumpseats are waaaaaay more uncomfortable than anything you are sitting on and are usually right by a stinky lav.

So keep that in mind when you complain to a crew member about your seat. Jumpseats are about as spisl as those old plastic fold-up lawn chairs. AngelsunriseToni Osmundson Report. I once sat in a jump seat for a five hour flight. I had food poisoning and the poor flight attendants had no choice but to put me in their seats between the panda spiel toilets at the back of the plane, with an airsick bag in case the toilets panda spiel occupied. Not my most pleasant flight!! Even if you have had a drink in the airport it can still affect you during the flight. And because airlines share their ban passenger list you could find yourself banned from a few airlines. I think they should just stop serving alcohol on flights. Especially non-long haul - you can survive a few hours without alcohol. If you seriously need alcohol to relax you to fly then go to your doctor and get spisl or treat your fear of flying another way.

We then for panda spiel and to make panda spiel there is no doubt will take a BAC test to show we are stone sober. FatalDeathShartKOMUnews Panda spiel. I'm kinda surprised pilots dont have to do this regardless before every flight. It was on the news this past week that a Pilot was ready to take off but was stopped because he was drunk. I'm sure that is extremely rare but still. Almost every commercial flight you ride-on has a dead body on board. Possibly 2 if you're on a wide-body large aircraft. As long as they remain in hard rock casino atlantic city rewards container and don't try to eat me, I am fine with it.

My dad's been wpiel airline pilot for almost 20 years, and apparently, planes get struck by lightning all the time. Also if a passenger is causing a scene in the jetway he can refuse to let them on apiel take off without them. They get struck by lightning more often panda spiel you'd think, and as they are essentially one big Farraday cage, it normally has absolutely zero effect. However, I do spisl remember the "thunderstorm" that two of my colleagues took off in, which consisted of precisely one flash of lightning and one rumble of thunder I live close to the airportwhich somehow managed to hit their plane shortly after takeoff, brought on a warning light and they had to return to the airport for the plane spiiel be checked before leaving a second time.

Lightning panda spiel also temporarily blind the pilots. Note: this post originally had 73 images. Anyone can write on Bored Panda. Start writing! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Follow us on Flipboard. Error occurred when generating embed. Please check link and try again. Panda spiel is a writer at Panda spiel Panda with a BA in Communication. After working for a sculptor, he fell in love with visual storytelling and enjoys covering everything pada TV shows any Sopranos fans out there? Throughout panra years in Bored Panda, over million people have read the posts he's written, which is probably more than he could count to. Kotryna is a Photo Editor at Bored Panda with a BA in Graphic Design. Before Bored Panda, panda spiel worked as a freelance graphic designer and illiustrator. When not panda spiel, she panda spiel working with clay, drawing, playing board games and drinking good tea.

The bag that is part of the oxygen mask won't inflate.

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They tell you that in their spiel. What they don't tell you is what the bag's true function is. That bag panda spiel to contain your barf that you casino bonus ohne upchuck panda spiel a result of nausea caused by the sudden decompression. The same sudden decompression that released the masks in casino erfahrungen swiss online first place. It keeps the former contents of your stomach from clogging your tube and blocking the flow of sweet, sweet air. A good advice in general, but not always true. I have worked as a flight operation manager: it much depends on the cleaning staff of each airport, not even the airline itself. It seems like you have more panda spiel driving and in luckyland casino sense you do Its the Randomness of such a large amount of others that makes link so dangerous.

This comment is hidden. Click panda spiel to view. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it outit. Bored Panda works better on panda spiel iPhone app. Please enter email address We will not spam you. Almost finished To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. Like what you're seeing? Please enter email address Http:// submitting email you agree to dpiel Panda spiel Panda newsletter. We respect your privacy. We will not publish or share your email address in any way.

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AnnaBanana Zpiel. Autumn Artemis Autumn Artemis. No tonic Gin. No tonic. See Also on Bored Pajda 50 Rare Photos That Reveal Panda spiel Unseen Side Of Things New Pics. The Opposite Of Design Fails: 50 Of The Most Brilliant Design Ideas That People Have Ever Shared In This Online Group Pqnda Pics. Tenacious Squirrel Panda spiel Squirrel. Marco Conti Marco Conti. Add Your Answer! Add source Publish. Change sspiel Upload Photo Ooops! Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. Upload Edit Image. Twitter Render conversation Use html hand poker beste Generate not embedded version Add panda spiel. Instagram Show Image Only Hide Caption Crop Add panda spiel. Facebook Add watermark. Change Source Title. Show All Contributors. Get the latest inspiring stories via panda spiel awesome iOS app! Download Bored Panda app! Popular on Bored Panda 50 Rare Photos That Reveal The Unseen Side Of Panda spiel New Pics.

People On This Group Are Sharing Examples Of 'Urban Hell' That Look Like A Dystopian Movie But Are Sadly Real 40 Pics. South Korea Is A Whole Different World, And These Photos Are Here To Prove It. What do you think? Kusotare Kusotare. Steph Steph. Freya the Wanderer Freya the Wanderer. Dr John Munshower Report. To be fair, the doctor's question wasn't correctly phrased for the intent. A gentleman calls our office with questions about an upcoming test he is scheduled for, and we talk at length about the procedure. You can always call and ask for clarification when you need it.

Patient: Thank you very panda spiel, Clara Fication! Unknown Report. Friend of mine is a doctor. Had a christian couple come in and ask why they didn't get a child. Both virgins untill married at 26 and I mean, they did sleep with each other every night. Pirateviking Report. I pamda a patient complaining of dizziness if she had ever been diagnosed with "vertigo".

panda spiel

Panda spiel daughter chimed in and said "no, no, she's a Libra She was dead serious. A woman comes in after having a baby panda spiel tells us she's having trouble breastfeeding. I book her an appointment at a breastfeeding clinic, give her some resources, etc. Her appointment was fine and she went on her merry way. A few weeks later, we get the fax that she went to the breastfeeding clinic panda spiel everything was fine. A year later she shows up for her doctor's appointment, and she's morbidly obese. She must have put lbs on an already obese frame. She's developed many health problems related to her weight that she refuses to acknowledge are due to her weight. Of course. We ask if she's breastfeeding, she says yes. We ask how she's getting the extra calories for the breastfeeding, and she tells us the Clinic told her to eat bowls of plain oatmeal a day.

It panda spiel, so she's still doing it. We figure this is panda spiel she gained so much weight she's probably eating 2 large bowls of oatmeal on top of her meals, with milk, sugar, butter, etcbut the woman insists she's eating packets of plain oatmeal a panda spiel. Nothing on it, nothing added to it. It says plain on the package, it tastes plain, it's plain. We send the doctor in to see her after briefing him on the whole story about the oatmeal. He's in the room with her a long time -- much longer than normal. When she comes out of the room, panda spiel keeps her head down and walks off, looking angry and embarrassed. The doctor walks up to the nursing table and fills out the chart.

Turns out she didn't know plain panda spiel oats were a thing. She thought the breastfeeding clinic meant plain oatmeal cookies. She was eating an entire panda spiel of Dad's oatmeal cookies every single day for a year basically a 'bowl or two' filled with cookiesand could not understand how that was different from oatmeal. When i was a kid i never eat oatmeal. When Panda spiel bad a colonoscopy, my GI doctor said I said, "wow, now I know what a Muppet feels like! SonicGal44 Report. Patient comes in at 2 am for insomnia, clearly tweaking her brains out, heart rate Can't sit still, bouncing off the walls. I suggest maybe easing up on the cocaine.

I had a patient in her 30s complain of monthly rectal bleeding that would last days and stop on its own. It started when she was She just thought she should get checked out. It did stop for a while when just click for source was pregnant. SaintKavorca Report. I panda spiel a newly panda spiel graduate with fresh and optimistic panda spiel on my life as a doctor. Second week in came this old lady and her very dysfunctional family.

They would argue and complain about everything, from the food, the nurses they didnt like and every single medical decision we made. She was very very sick so her management was just as complicated. She had several children and they all didnt like one another and would not talk to one another. Each time we would have to explain a long update to every single one of them because they "are entitled to hear it from a doctor". One of these stories being sitting down and explaining why you don't give gatorade as an IV drip. They did not understand why we were giving "salt water" to her. Conversation with her panda spiel "Look she likes gatorade, she panda spiel drinking it so this web page cant you give it to her through her drip?

Son frowns. Cant you give her something else closer to gatorade? That has electrolytes? Wash and repeat every day during her admission. Afterwards I more info my fiance. He opened up a scene from Idiocracy on youtube and I just sat there with my mouth open for a while. I just told my sister, who is an high school teacher and was lamenting our future, that she should watch Idiocracy. Not a doctor, but I'm a former Special Forces medic and I treated indigenous populations in Iraq, Afghanistan and several other Middle Eastern countries. Some of the patients and their families asked incredible things of me, such as putting brains back inside after panda spiel explosion took half the head off, but I have never been as incredulous as when I had to explain "wrong hole" to a very old tribal elder who was wondering why he couldn't father any children.

FederalFarmerHM Report. This happened in med school. I was taking the history click at this page a guy in clinic and I asked about his past medical problems, including if he had had any heart attacks. He responded, "oh yeah, I've had panda spiel 20 of those. Do you have a cardiologist? My wife is a massage therapist, and whenever a heart attack hits, she starts to massage some pressure points and it stops. Uhhhhh, ok What does it feel like when you have a panda spiel attack? My wife tells me that I fall onto the floor and my arms and legs start jerking.

She says it takes about a minute of her massaging before it stops. I then get really confused panda spiel tired afterwards, and I can't remember much of anything that happens to panda spiel until I take a nice long nap. They normally stop on their own after a few minutes at the mostand his wife thought that her massages were curing him. I admitted a guy for pneumonia, which was odd because he was young and strapping, no other medical issues, x-ray didn't look quite right. The pieces just didn't add up and so I started questioning him more closely. Me: Do you use any drugs? Patient: Drugs! That's disgusting. I'm no fucking druggie! I've never touched drugs in my life.

I move on panda spiel other questions and suddenly: Patient "Look, doc, I just want you to know I may have used cocaine once or twice years panda spiel years ago. I just snorted it though. That wouldn't cause this, right? Me: How long ago? Patient: Like ten years, maybe longer. Me: It shouldn't be affecting you after this long. Patient: More like five. Me: Years? Patient: Uh, like five months ago. This goes on forever, until he admits he just got off a massive crack binge the day before, where he spent the past three days in a hotel with some "loose women" smoking crack non-stop. He finishes with: "But I don't want panda spiel to think I'm one of those dirty druggies.

When a woman in an emergency room told me she wasn't going into labor because her app said panda spiel want ready yet. I could see the top of her daughters head But what the fuck do I know keep asking apple for advice. The doctor explained to his patient that she suffered from inflammation of the cervix. Concerned, she demanded that he test her husband for it too. Roianne Lope Report. One day in the pharmacy, a girl comes to the counter requesting a refill for her birth control. We pulled up her profile and realized we couldn't refill it because she just got a day fill less than 2 weeks ago.

When we asked what happened to the other one, she said she was out. Apparently, both her and her boyfriend were each taking a pill each and was adamant that was how they needed to prevent pregnancy. StrutThatCorgiButt Report. Had a female patient. Her mom asked me to adjust her scrotum. Trying not to burst out laughing, I said "Your daughter's scrotum? I knew she wouldn't listen as she panda spiel so convinced so I stopped arguing with her. And I also wanted her to go around saying it to other people. Pharmacist, but comment still relates. Had a lady call in complaining that their husbands viagra wasn't working. I then went on to explain to the patients can netbet bonus code 2020 bestandskunden not that in order for the medication to work, the patient needed some sort of "stimulation" The lady just screamed a loud "ME?!?!?!

Still my favorite viagra story. I've source a patient claim that amputations run in his family. He said that was the only reason he needed both legs taken off above the knee. He was adamant that it was not actually due to his uncontrolled diabetes, panda spiel enormous and continual sugar intake, his refusal to use insulin, or his refusal of treatment for the giant infected wounds on both feet. Amputations might have indeed 'ran' in the family if they all had the same health habits, or lack thereof Im ashamed to say I have a story that fits here. I have a ganglion cyst on the inside of my wrist, when it starts getting large I smash my wrist down on a hard table and it goes away.

panda spiel

I developed a panda spiel bump on the top of my foot. I couldn't smash it down like my wrist so I tried hitting it with a hammer. Didn't do anything and it was getting bigger and interfering with my shoes so I got it investigated. Not panda spiel cyst, but arthritis in the joint. No wonder my hammer trick didn't work. The radiologist did find my treatment method samstag ziehung reihenfolge, but advised me to get any more lumps panda spiel out rather than randomly hitting things with a hammer. Tkcat Report. Your approach to treating a ganglion cyst was medically sound In times past, smashing them with a big Bible best online casinos for australian players recommended.

A related story from my friend, a Gynecologic Oncologist. Basically a panda spiel had early uterine cancer, but refused surgery. She wanted to explore alternative treatments like coffee enemas? She somehow managed to get an audience with the Dalai Lama who told her to go back to western treatment. So many childs dies because parents try 'alternative' treatment instead to just go to the doctors!! I was coming to just as my doctor was finishing my colonoscopy. Sherry Moore Report. I worked at the ER during my internship and met a girl who had increasingly painful and red eyes since a couple of days back. The last 24h had been horrible. I asked about all the normal stuff, and she panda spiel to have no idea why she had this eye problem - she had never had anything wrong with her eyes. I proceed to drop some dye in her eyes panda spiel please click for source them in a microscope, and when I do I realize she's wearing contacts.

She didn't like her natural eye colour, so she had bought a set of blue coloured lenses 8 months earlier. Never removed them, not even during night time. Didn't panda spiel think to mention this to me, claimed to have no "foreign materials" in her eyes. Needless to say, I gave panda spiel quite the harsh lecture and a referal to an ophtalmologist. Christine, if that girl had gotten the harsh lecture or several in school or by her parents when she was a child, she would not have grown up into a foolish person.

The stupidest thing I've been to the doctor for: I took my young son in because he had a very panda spiel rash on his see more back. It wasn't until I was in the doctor's office that I noticed that it had exactly the same pattern as the inlet cover on our jacuzzi. Which he had just casino login vipslots bathing in. Getting a physical around and panda spiel doctor who was probably around 75 at the time asks me panda spiel strip down to my boxers for the whole awkward ball grab thing. Obviously panda spiel that age and dealing with all that shit you feel weird so when the doctor only said "cough" I mustered up a big one and was prepared to fire when he suddenly interrupts me with these words of wisdom "Son, when a man has your balls in his hand you don't cough in his face.

I went to the doctor to panda spiel my just click for source throat and I agreed to get a shot of penicillin. If you don't know this shot goes right into the ass. As he put the needle into my rear end I suddenly had the need to vomit. I wasn't feeling anything until the exact moment of contact with my cheek. I yell STOP and immediately try to run over to the sink where Go here proceed to trip and fall. Then I just start letting it all out over the floor. I was just laying there on my side blowing chunks with the needle still stuck in my ass. It wasn't one of finer experiences at the doctor.

Emergency surgeon here Got called 2 a. LatuSensu Report. A friend of mine mistakenly called her gynecologist instead of her dentist to make an appointment, and started the call by admitting she was overdue for a cleaning There was one who was very upset to find out that she was pregnant again because she'd used her diaphragm EXACTLY as she'd been told. She carefully inspected panda spiel for holes, applied the spermicide, placed it, wore it at night, then took it out, cleaned it and put it away each morning. And then her husband arrived home from panda spiel. Anitsisqua Panda spiel. Doctor here. One we get commonly is "I know my body. Told him after the surgery, and he told us "no, my tendons are all torn.

I know my body. I just had a big lunch. You know how your body normally feels. But if someone has performed an invasive surgery to look at your joint, or has seen a fetus on ultrasound, they probably know what they are talking about. Me: Sir, I need to know why panda spiel stopped taking your antiretrovirals for your HIV. Him: Well I met this witch online that Me: Wait, did you just said "witch"? Him: Yeah, she sent me a bunch of herbs every month to cure my HIV, and they worked, last time i checked I was cured. Me: Where and what tests did you do to know you were cured? Him: I made an online test that the witch told me to, they were a lot of random questions but in the end it said that I was free of HIV. Me: Ooook, panda spiel will need to do a blood test to confirm that. Now, can you tell me wich herbs were you consuming? Him: I don't know the name, but I go here them right here :points at his backpack: Me: May I take a look?

Him: Sure! I opened the bag and what I saw was nothing but grinded oregano with something that smelled like chlorine The patient, sadly, died from a severe sepsis a month later with a highly resistant microorganism. Just because a "witch" in a website told him to stop taking his meds Temuyin Report. I really click here a problem with this kind of people. Can't panda spiel face justice for that? I am a family practitioner and I had a family not want to vaccinate their newborn because they heard that vaccines were derived from coole kostenlos online für kinder brains and they didn't want their child to develop monkey like characteristics.

I had panda spiel asthma as a kid. I was intubated for a severe attack a few times. My parents were instructed to take better precautions in panda spiel home and went through instructions, more dusting, washing bed sheets and the big one: NO SMOKING inside the house. So my parents agreed to all of this. Few weeks later, I'm back in the hospital. A doctor panda spiel me and came over to talk.

panda spiel

Then he bent over and smelled my head I'll never forget that. I thought it was so weird. He told panda spiel nurse to sit there and not let me leave with my parents. When my parents showed up, he asked point blank, 'Did you not understand what I told you last time? Do you understand these attacks could be fatal? Not a doctor but I'm a nurse click the following article worked in the OR at a trauma center. Was doing surgery on a 19 year old who tested positive for meth and cocaine who was grilling the anesthesiologist about every drug we were going to use in surgery because "he doesn't like putting chemicals in his body" Gotta stick with that organic, fair trade, Non-GMO cocaine. Psiel Report. I had patient's mom ask me if putting a catheter in her 6 year old son would break his hymen and would he still be a virgin.

TheVaneOne Report. I work for an optometrist and it was the month before school started and a woman brought in her son to have his eyes checked for the first time. Seems like a pretty reasonable thing for any parent, even if he was a little older than usual for a first eye exam. Better late than never I guess. The mom visit web page well spoken and appeared panda spiel intelligent. Everything went as normal, the doctor examined the boy and ended up prescribing glasses. When the doctor was explaining to the mom that her panda spiel had to wear his glasses all the time since he's nearsighted and basically can't ;anda clearly past landa in front of him.

And will definitely need glasses for school. For some reason this caused a switch to flip in the mom and she spazzed out on the doctor, saying that her son doesn't need glasses and that the doctor is only saying that he does because he wants to sell glasses. She says that she only brought her son in because there was some form for school that needed to be filled out and that doctors are all a con artists trying to push unnecessary medications and interventions. The doctor tried to calm her down and explain that he's only trying to help them but that she was free to get a second opinion and gave her panda spiel copy of the kids prescription and sent them on their way. About four months later the lady is back asking for panda spiel copy of panda spiel son's prescription. Apparently the first semester midterm results were in, and her son failed them all, because he couldn't see the board in his classes and needs glasses!

Farted on my doctor's hand just panda spiel she finished a prostate exam. Because of the lube pajda was an especially wet and raspberry sounding one. She giggled and said she'd sliel rich if she had a pound for every time it happened. She came it with hip pain spkel reports after the fall her nose was bleeding - she had landed on her nose. About a year panda spiel her dentist had messes up an infraorbital nerve block and caused some swelling in that region but that all was resolved. This old lady is now convinced her nosebleed after falling on her face is related to an "infection" from the dental issue a panda spiel ago. After multiple back-and-forth on the etiology of the nosebleed, she became the first patient I raised my voice and put down an authoritative "no, you are wrong, just stop it". Got placed doing a rotation in the orthopedic floor of a big hospital in a rural area of Southern California.

I was doing my rounds and saw a patient out of bed and walking around the floor following a knee replacement.

panda spiel

She had a cane in her hand that she was carrying like as a solider would carry a rifle. I asked what panda spiel was doing and what she thought the cane was article source. She replied she thought the cane was for pushing people out of her way since she's now "handicapped" and it wasn't to help her walk on her post op knee. I once saw a high school aged kid come panda spiel with a dinner candle stuck in his rectum. He reportedly was using it to reach an itch. Apparently the itch was in his spleen panda spiel that thing was deep. Mom told me the story, and how she had previously asked him to not itch himself with other things of hers. I didn't ask for any more details. I honestly think she believed that he was just panda spiel itchy. Smeeee Report. A guy came in with a wheelchair. Panda spiel, why are you in a wheelchair?

And type panda spiel diabetes. Heard this story from a nurse friend. Some guy was dancing in skin tight leather pants at the opening of a new nightclub in a nearby small city. It was hot inside with the huge crowd. The guy fainted from the heat and was taken to the ER, where his pants were cut off. This revealed that the guy had a length of pepperoni in his crotch, taped to his thigh. The ER staff got the giggles and left his room to laugh in the hallway. At some point one of them said something like, "We've got to get back in there and deal with an unconscious patient. Swedishpunsch Report. Nurse here, I work in Anaesthetics and it drives me mad the amount of patients that want to have allergies, e. Anyway the anaesthetist comes into the anaesthetic room morning and asks me not to ask the patient about allergies, I'm puzzled at this and ask her why, the patient was allergic to oxygen.

Yes, oxygen. She was a fun patient. I remember reading a theory about how oxygen is actually toxic, but it just takes a long time to kill us. I does cause oxidation, which is linked to cellular degradation The day after I had surgery on my leg, a panda spiel came into my hospital room with a box in her hand. It said feet elevated! Julia Fussell Report. Patient comes in with abdominal pain. Looking over their chart, I see their gallbladder was removed 20 years ago so that is click the following article. I mention this, to which they reply "yeah but it grew back. It was 3am and I'd been on duty in the Emergency since 8am. I was exhausted. A panda spiel dressed man came in with his 8 year old, healthy looking, son.

I asked him what was the problem. He said, "Well, I was at a wedding and it occurred to me that my son is a little short. Can you give him something right now to make him taller? Sxhpott1 Report. During a yearly check-up the doc was concerned about my weight. I promised him Panda spiel do better and next year I would be back down to a healthy weight. Maybe a week or so later my doc saw me at a local pub with a plate of hot wings in front of me and a pint of beer.

panda spiel

He was a bro and didn't say anything but I could see the look of disappointment in his eyes. As part of the work up he gets an abdominal X-ray which shows the problem as clear as day. The colleague has then proceeded to remove, from the patients rectum, an 8 inch replica of Nelson's Column the statue spiep the centre of Trafalgar Square, London On showing it to the patient, the response was "Oh that's Nelson, he lives up there. AberrantConductor Report. So, not a doctor but I work at panda spiel hospital. They genuinely thought it was panda spiel good idea to go to accident panda spiel emergency to have their fake nails taken off and redone because they had gotten too long and become uncomfortable. TheEwokApocalypse Report. Me: is there any chance you could be pregnant?

Patient: definitely not. Me: are you sexually active? Patient: yes. Me: what is your preferred method of birth control? Patient: nothing Me: smh. Teenage male patient came in to the clinic with his girlfriend because he apiel growing spel with milk production. Not a doctor but a nurse. Panda spiel once walked into my patient's room responding to his call light. He had an accident and peed on the floor on the way to the bathroom and was now laying in bed stark naked calling for me. His wife, I guess oblivious to all this, was just dancing in spile pee. Like eyes closed, hands over her head, hips swaying. In a puddle panda spiel her husbands pee.

They were really a bizarre couple. Elephantcookies Report. Answered the s;iel alarm for a 90 year old this evening. Spiell "Where are you going? Me too. Ophthalmologist here. Told patient he needed reading tests beta which he didn't believe. I explained that everyone develops presbyopia eventually. I work in the ER. We had a very pregnant patient come in needing stitches in her vagina. Instead of using a pad or an adult diaper, she went for a GLASS CUP. She sat down while showing a house and sure enough, it broke and cut her up pretty bad.

The spisl day I had a lb, 50 year old patient who hadn't pooped pahda she claims 6 days. So I gave her all kinds of things panda spiel make her go and the moment comes when she feels the urge. She's panda spiel heavy and unable to do things on her own so she asked for a bedpan. Panca she turned to her side, stool the size and shape of a small baby or big burrito slid out and I caught it. I looked up at the aide and down at the baby sized poo and back at the ladbrokes poker for android and did my best not to laugh or make a sound.

All I could think of is how I legit felt like I delivered a baby. Ashtem Report. Doc here. I had a guy with an ICD in place. For those who don't know, it basically shocks your heart if it goes into a funny rhythm. He would regularly come into the hospital to have it turned off because he would do a ton of cocaine and the thing would keep firing due to his panda spiel heart rate. I told him not to do cocaine. He kept doing cocaine. As a self-diagnosing patient One day notice a white, hard, jagged object protruding from my back gum. Can't believe I'm having a tooth come in, especially since I'm 23 and had my wisdom teeth taken out learn more here ago. Go to the dentist to get some X-rays annnnd it turns out to be a piece of a tortilla gewinnchance lotto. JAYDOGG85 Report.

Not a doctor, but I regularly pamda people come in for eye examinations because 'when I take my glasses of things are blurry'. Often these aren't passing comments during the exam, but the main dpiel for their visit to the clinic. Do you have any medical conditions? What medications are you on? Proceeds to name at least 10 medications. This web page Report. Med student here, but I have had two winners. When discussing a precancerous skin lesion on a patient, they opted to use their "laser ray" instead of classic treatment. It pqnda a cancer laser ray that was bought online. It also apparently had "frequencies for arthritis". They insisted that the panda spiel frequency can be tuned to destroy cancer cells, just like a panda spiel singer may be able to use her voice to break a crystal glass. Mattress mack bet patient did not believe that cancer cells and regular cells would have the same frequency.

Another patient insisted that his cancer had been properly treated at home with baking soda he gave me a website like phkillscancer. The patient panda spiel had with them a surgery report in which it appears their baking soda consumption resulted in buildup of abnormal calcium in the wall of the stomach, which had to be removed. LatrodectusGeometric Report. Pandaa sickens me that there are people out there willing to risk another person's life for money. Oh, wait, our insurance companies do that, too. Was working at a clinic. I was speaking with a non-controlled diabetic patient about her sugar intake and she said she drinks a 32 oz soda everyday.

I ask her if it's regular or diet and she replies with "It's half-regular. I let the ice melt first so there isn't as much sugar in it". Sorry but that isn't how it works. Friskypharmer Report. The guy was just rubbing his penis against her leg and ejaculating on her thigh. What's the problem? Do you have any sores or anything? Turns poker size playing card template can 32 year old grown man asked me if the hot spells he was experiencing at night meant he was going through menopause.

Scene: Click to see more operating room. Me: We have the surgical equipment, the heart-lung machine, antibiotics, and the replacement heart valve on hand. Patient: You wait until now to figure this panda spiel out? Dr Marc Gillinov Report. I once had the daughter of one of my patients march up to the nursing station, slam the vitals chart down on the desk and yell at me "How dare you say my mother stinks" I'm utterly puzzled by this as no-one had said anything of the sort and ask the daughter to explain what panda spiel meant, she grabs the chart, points to the oanda of "BO's" recorded on it and shouts "Here you panda spiel had the nerve to write it down" I panda spiel that "BO" meant Bowels Open not body odour before escaping to the staff room to laugh my head off.

Patient was a young child who came in with an extremely high Blood Glucose level. Once she was stable we did some teaching and kept her for a few days for observation. For some reason every-time I checked her, her levels would be extremely high although we were appropriately treating her. Turns out her family would bring her panda spiel food for every meal and hide it in the side table. More teaching and resources were put into place. It's tragic when parents cannot parent because their kid will get upset. If you don't love your child enough to say no, why have panda spiel They're killing their kid.

Not panda spiel doctor but I was a bearbeitungsgebühr assistant and a kitchen staff member came in and said "Help, I ate raw corn". Apparently the cook had convinced him that eating raw corn was poisonous or something. I had a good laugh about it. BallisticWinter Report. I'm a med student but I once saw a patient in the ER who came in because she lost her vibrator inside herself. It panda spiel bingo heute on. She sat in the waiting room for over an hour with that thing in there. Pra Report. Probably the click at this page pleasant emergency waiting room experience anyone has ever had.

My mom's an ER nurse and she said once pandx crazy lady came in and complained panda spiel she had the whooping cough. Panda spiel whenever she coughed she followed it with a loud "woooOOOP! KingJonathan Report. A memorable lady was utterly convinced that her friend got cancer because she quit smoking not because she was a smoker This lady had a mild goitre, and her reason for not quitting was charming ecopayz casino agree if she quit smoking the 'lumps in my neck would turn to cancer'. Could not be convinced otherwise. Then I referred her to ENT for her hoarse voice and she was surprised how fast she was seen. I said 'well you're a smoker so they were worried you might have throat cancer' "Smoking causes throat cancer?!?! Panea always needed a strong coffee after her.

Quitting is always better than smoking. The "sickness" people develop is called withdrawal. You're not more sick after you quit. I smoke for 30 panda spiel and have panda spiel free of it for over three years. A mother came in with her son to discuss treating his acne. Son was about 15 years old and didn't really care about the acne, but mom did. After going over panda spiel options, she asked if he just needed to 'do it' to get rid of the acne. A grown woman, with a child, thought that by him having sex, his acne would magically go away. My mum once had to try explain to a doctor that regardless of tests she has celiacs because google said panda spiel if you have celiacs you get sick when eating bread, she just wouldn't accept that as you get older you can't eat half a loaf of bread in one sitting. I have never seen a doctor want to kill themselves more. GreenGlit Report. There was a nursing student I had once who laughed loudly and exclaimed 'How can you panda spiel get an STD in your mouth?

Medical student here. Her logic was that spil tumour was at the same corresponding spot in her lung to where link bumped her chest. She was convinced we were wrong about the cause. Not panda spiel doctor, but I WAS a corpsman in the Navy. I had a Marine come in because he swallowed a rock. I am not a doctor, but I do work at a doctor's office. So a person came in with conjunctivitis. They proceeded to ask questions click here how click at this page was transmitted. With the most serious look on their face, they asked if it was contagious and can be passed on by glare.

That would be so pand frightening Nari91 Report. Not a doctor but work in pharmacy. An old guy who had got an inhaler prescribed by his GP because he was allergic to his new dog. He came back to the pharmacy and said he was still completely breathless around the dog despite using the inhaler four times a day. On further question it transpired that four times a day he was spraying the dogs coat with the ventolin inhaler. Fudball1 Report.

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